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Sometimes you just arrive at a location and start thinking about shooting. When there is huge dynamic range, you might be using HDR or gradual neutral density filter. Every good photographer will tell you the best light to shoot in is during dawn or dusk. There is also one huge advantage that not everybody tells you about. Dynamic range isn’t so big during sunrise or sunset. So when you want to use HDR it is an option, but not a must. And to be honest, you can get some funky results.

As you can see on the image right, dynamic range is OK and here I tried to do a pseudoHDR in Lightroom 4. Just drag Highlights slider to -100, Shadows slider to +100 and clarity to +100. Then you might need to adjust whites, blacks, exposure and other stuff but you can get nice result. But it just doesn’t work as much as a normal shot just down bellow.

Getting the real look makes the photo more realistic and better looking. With the one on the left I almost cut off all the atmosphere, great yellow light coming from the left, contrast between light and shadow and entire image gone a bit flat. Of course, that is caused by processing. Anyway with the second image we have everything. Nice light, shadow, contrast, dimension, depth, separation, color. I just love the shadows in left bottom corner of the image. What I’d love to have is a person in the photo sitting on a chair looking away from my camera. It would add a bit more magic to the image. But I couldn’t expect someone to be out there sitting in a restaurant at 6 AM.


Some time ago I watched Moose Peterson‘s class about Landscape Photography over at Kelby Training. He suggested using foreground, middle ground and background to your advantage. One or more objects in every part of an image. Not to put every possible thing to foreground but pick one or few more things that are interesting, important, that tell a story and exclude all other elements that take away from the story. Sounds very simple and for Moose it is, but for me it was quite a trouble.

First of all I found my element in foreground, an old brick wall that creates some boundries or restricted area and gives the image some structure. The middle ground is taken by river Vltava and background is filled with architecture and dominanted by a tower near Charles’s Bridge.

Anyway I think I made something wrong. Maybe wrong location, maybe bad vantage point, maybe bad composition, maybe everything togethere and something more as an extra. Conclussion? I must shoot more to get great images! 🙂 BTW Image was taken with my Canon EOS 450D (Rebel XSi) with my new Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM on tripod.

Another view on Prague

Hi everybody, sorry for not posting anything interesting … actually not posting a thing. I’ve been very busy in last couple of days and wasn’t even able to get out and make some pictures. But just for update, I started in a new job and finally it is something with photography. I’m doing a propagation for Canon in one of the best camera shops in Czech republic. And I can tell you it is a lot of fun! Unfortunatelly in combination with school it took all my free time. But this propagation ended on Saturday and won’t start again until next month. So I’ll have some time on shooting! Hope you’ll all stay tunned in.

And to not make this post just about talking, here is my best photo I’ve ever made!

Leaf on Water

Shooting in Woods

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Hikes
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Hi Gang, some time ago I was on a hike in forest near Crhov with gear and tripod. I had everything ready for water shots.

What I was carrying in the bag?

I couldn’t leave my precious at home, so the body was Canon 450D. I had both my lenses with me, but I used just the Canon 28-70mm. ND a CPOL filters were prepaired in my pocket – just screw and shoot!