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Posted: August 27, 2012 in Blog
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The second day with Miroslav went really well from start to end. After we met our path went to John Lennon’s Wall in Prague. I made a portrait shoot there but that is for a different post. Near it I took one of my all time favorite shots and several others. One of them is this one with locks. It’s a very popular place so if you’ll be in Prague, check it out.

A quick picture from a walk I did after work. Panorama made from 2 source photos, no HDR, just a bit LR processing, sharpening and Color Efex 4 by Nik Software.


Ok, so finally I have some time to post here some shots from my challenge. I was shooting as most of the time with my Canon EOS 450D (Rebel XSi) and Canon’s 70-200 f/4 lens. Aperture, shutter speed and ISO varies on almost every image. First of all, what was my “Full Manual Challenge”?

Basically set your camera to Manual (“M”), set your AF to manual focus (“MF”) and turn off image review. It will force you to think about your image even more, what camera’s meter can be fooled, what will be OK etc. Because you’re in MF, most of the time static things will be your subject. Until you’ll figure out your triange (ISO, aperture, shutter speed), you’ll also be thinking and judging composition. Believe me, since this challenge I’ll be doing most of my work in manual settings.

I’ll publish another photo tomorow, but just some heads up, LR is showing me 32 images from those two days and I really like about 13 of them. That is superb result but it goes on, some shots are “copies” just for security reasons so I can have about 25 images and like more than 50%! WOW 🙂

Hidden Entrance

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Blog
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Because of yesterday’s full manual great resutls I decided to make the same thing today. Nothing changed except the location and final images? Right out of camera were stunning! Quite sure I made one or two shots into my portfolio.

Anyway, here is second HDR image of the chapel over at Vysehrad. This time I was going for a bit mystique look. I was too long with my 70-200 and even backing up didn’t do the job. Panorama was the only choice. Some people have in their mind panoramas can be created from 3 shots only. That is not true. I made even 13 images pano and it ended up well. I fit in the entrance and trees in 2 shots. How?

Simple answer. Took 3 exposures of one part and 3 exposures of another part. Here they are.

I exported these 6 files as 16b TIFFs and imported first three into Photomatix. Made tonemapping, exported and imported the second set of 3 images. The important part is I didn’t change any of my settings neither in Lightroom nor Photomatix. Otherwise I’d end up with two different images I wouldn’t be able to blend together. That is THE trick you have to do.

After this it was quite simple. Merge to panorama in Photoshop, make some adjustments and final image was born 🙂

Mystique Chapel

A Day in Full Manual

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Blog
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Today I’ve decided to try something different. Shooting in full manual mode. But not just setting the camera’s dial to M, but also manual focus on my 70-200 and no image review on LCD screen. This might be a really interesting thing to do and to enhance your photography. Just hopping few good photos will be taken. Will try to post some photos ASAP.

Here is another shot from Friday. Again an HDR image taken with my 70-200. I couldn’t get far enought to make it fit into a one shot so I took 9 shots and merged them together in Photoshop. This is a cost you have to pay when you don’t want to carry camera bag with all your lenses.

Old Chapel over at Vysehrad


The Infinite Road Uncorrected

Hi to all. During my exam period at the university I didn’t pass throught one exam and I’m waiting for second term. This term is planned on February 1st and my last exam was taken on January 17th. So this whole time I’m at home having nothing to do, because most of my friends are in Prague or spread around whole republic and, Slovakia, Russia, USA, UK, Austria, Australia and more countries around the world. So the only way how to keep in touch with them is using Social Network. Also because the bad weather I didn’t go out and make some pictures but today everything changed! 🙂

HDR from the Walk, Unprocessed

The temperature was quite good, about 0°C (32°F), no rain, no snow but just the sky wasn’t anything interesting. To be honest the sky was just one huge plane of grey color mixed sometimes with darker and lighter grey. And I wanted to go out in these conditions and shoot landscapes? Yes, not nature but landscapes!? I really had to be crazy ….

But really, the tip for today, and not just for today is simple. If the sky doesn’t look good, don’t put it into the scene. It is simple and effective. At least you won’t have that boring plane of grey color on the top of your images. Also sometimes this can help and you can use it to your advantage. With this plane made by clouds you get a free extra super large softbox and that is cool for portraits. This can be the plan B when weather isn’t so great outside.

In the begining of the post I put two images, both weren’t finished. The Infinite Road isn’t bad at all, but the white balance is absolutely somewhere else than it should be and with the HDR you can see a really bad blue tint. Here are the final images. For the road I used only Lightroom 3 to process it, for the HDR I had to jump into Photoshop, set black, white and grey point using curves and than I used a plug-in. The secret ingredience … Nik Software Color Efex and it’s Brillance/Warmth preset. Hope you’ll enjoy them.

The Infinite Road Processed

HDR from the Walk Processed

Hi guys, today was really perfect day for photography, especially landscape & nature using CPL. Because winter is coming, the sun isn’t as high as it is in summer. I used this as a weapon and went shooting at 3 PM.

Matt Kloskowski said that you should turn your CPL to the maximal effect and than move it about 50 % or 60 %. If you don’t do it, it might look fake. Well, I didn’t do it and it was a huge mistake! I had to increase the luminance of blues and aquas to get better sky.

Here you can see what CPL turned on maximum does. You can compensate for it but the sky is one of the reasons why you are doing this. You have to choose, what you’ll do when using this filter.

Here are the rest of shots from that day, I hope it’ll be better allied than my previous posts.

Last weekend I visited these great mountains to make some great shots. I took off at 11 am and returned back home about 9 pm. Have to say it was stunning, but unfortunately I’ve missed the golden hour 😦 (the bests shots are included in the gallery at the end of post).