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In HDR photography we are taking multiple exposures of the same scene. So the best possible situation is shooting some architecture or landscape w/o any people, animals or wind involved. By putting camera on good sturdy tripod we minimize it’s movement and by using AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) camera takes the images. Pretty simple, but this doesn’t work too much in real world.

In real world you can put your camera on tripod and set AEB. That is great and easy way how to get started. But now in Prague I don’t have my Manfrotto so I have to shoot hand-held. And believe me, with my 70-200 f/4 NON IS it is quite hard to keep it perfect steady. To get sharp shots I use higher ISO. But the worst problem is movement. People moving in the photo. When there is just one person, you can play with it, process multiple photos and than use layers to hide the moving person.

But what if you are in a square? Or even better, what if you are on crowdy Venceslav’s square? This is the time I let software itself to remove ghosting. In Photoshop CS5 you can choose one sample image and the ghosting will be removed acording that image. But I didn’t get so nice results from Photoshop as I did with Photomatix. So I tested out version 4 with reduced ghosting and it is blast!

Believe me, if you want noise in your photos, shoot with a Canon camera that has DIG!C III processor and than use Photomatix. You have to apply a lot of noise reduction to the image and as a result you get a less sharp image. You just have to find that sweet spot. To reduce ghosting check “Reduce Ghosting Artifacts” and I usually use High setting. That’s all folks! Here is a final image w/o movement. This time I put it in big dimensions, click on it to see in bigger size and check the fine work of Photomatix.

HDR of Venceslav's Square


Last Tuesday I decided to take a walk and make some shots of Prague’s Castle. I didn’t have my whole equipment with me because it couldn’t fit into my bag and I was and still am quite sad. I took only tripod and my 28-70mm lens with me. I was photographing from Palackeho’s Bridge and according to the distance and focal length I was able to get a “close-up” shot with lens zoomed all the way in and also the wide one zoomed all the way out.

But lets talk a bit about photography. I put the tripod on ground, extended all my legs, leveled it and put on my camera. Everything looked really fine. There were just few problems. I took the first shot at f/16 and 0 EV. How I thought before the shot, whole scene was brighter than it should be. This was caused by the camera itself.

As you might know, camera is looking for grey color in pictures and tries to compensate for it aka making grey really grey. If it cannot find any it will make some. If you’re shooting in dark place (room without lights or night shots), it will try to make that black or dark light a grey one. That means you have to put it back. Each other shot was made with -1EV, except the HDR, of course.

I was going for that silk water look and had to use f/8. That wasn’t the best decision, I should have gone for f/5.6. With smaller aperture, lights will have that star shape and I wanted to avoid it. Another thing is traffic like boats and cars. You can take a shot with light trails. It looks really nice.

But what pissed me off? Airplanes! When you have a 30s exposure a plane is flying thought the scene, there will be dots caused by lights of the plain. I was fortunate enough these trails were just on one shot and I didn’t need the shot at all (it was the +1EV for HDR).

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