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Response to The Grid Ep. 40

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Blog
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So what this is about? I’m have been watching The Grid show hosted by Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski from Kelby Media Group. In this episode they talked about “old school photography” tought at some universities. As an example they talked about students that have to shoot just black and white images in first semestr or so. Is it bad or good? Scott and Matt agreed that this “have to shoot in B&W only” is a bad idea. And I have to disagree. And here is my reason(s) why…

A lot of people say there is only one subject in photography and that subject is light. When we shoot in B&W we have to see and care about the light more because colors won’t be incorporated and our mind won’t be affected by them. Of course, we can use color filters on our images but we have to know how to use them and when to use them. Without this knowledge they are useles … just another piece of glass sitting in front of a lens.

With having colors out of image, the final shot is created only by using white, black and grayscale. So your subject can’t be color, you can’t even count on using colors to force viewers’ eyes on it. You have one composition technique less. Colors are very important because when you take a great picture it looks good in color. It can look great in B&W but also vise versa.

Without them you have to use leading lines, rule of thirds and other techniques. But that is just my opinion, if you have a different one and want to share it, just post a comment to this post. And here is the video from show.

Window under Bridge

This interesting answer and a big discussion about it took place in Scott Kelby‘s and Matt Kloskowski‘s new show about photography The Grid. D-Town TV is now ruled by Larry Becker and RC Concepcion.

But about the question. Is it really cheating? Someone will say yes, some will say no and the rest cannot decide. Why HRD is and what it stands for? It means High Dynamic Range. Your camera can see very limited number of light levels, about 5 EV. But human eye can see a lot more. How much? Well some say about 11 EV, but I think the range is even bigger. With camera we want to capture what we see in the scene and if dynamic range is too big, then we have to choose some part of image we will expose for. And the rest? Will be pure black or pure white, areas without details.

With HDR we can bring details back to life and see everything in the scene. For me it isn’t cheating, it is just dealing with technical issues. It isn’t my fault camera’s sensor cannot capture the whole scene. Then I have to bring it back using Photomatix or Photoshop.

You might say I’m crazy … well maybe I am. But this is just my opinion and great thing in photography is it’s subjectivity. Nothing isn’t carved in stone.

This photo was taken during morning walk in Prague with my friend. We were walking, chatting and shooting instead of writting papers 🙂