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A quick picture from a walk I did after work. Panorama made from 2 source photos, no HDR, just a bit LR processing, sharpening and Color Efex 4 by Nik Software.


Back on Streets

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Blog
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Yesterday I was finally able to get out and shoot some images with my 70-200 f/4. During that “time off” I learned few new things and the goal was to put it in use. Patterns, shadows, colors and other interesting stuff is looked for by my eyes and that happened thanks to three photographers over at Kelby Training – Jay Maisel, Cliff Mautner and Jeremy Cowart. Especially Jeremy is for me a bit like MacGiver! He saw a hole and made a awesome picture, my mouth stayed opened and I was just asking myself how the f*ck he did it, where that idea came from … Hope I’ll be able to make images like Jeremy. Anyway, here are few pictures from the walk.

Here I saw something different and it made me to press a shutter. A girl with yellow umbrella on shiny but chilly day? Looked interesting.

Hi, yesterday I was shooting and didn’t have any good chance to test out my new 85 f/1.8 lens in the field for portrait stuff. But today might be different, well see how it will end 🙂

Anyway, yesterday I was out with my 70-200 on Manes’s Bridge in Prague. Weather was great, nice and warm, boats were floating on the Vltava river and I saw an interesting scene. Clouds were moving in and I realized how small we are in comparison with the world. Check out the following image. It is HDR, because without it I wouldn’t be able to get those details in the clouds or in foreground.

How Tiny We Are

Here are another two shots, I like especially the one with boats. Don’t know why, maybe colors, maybe processing, maybe both, maybe more 🙂


Using Dead Space

My favorite HDR photograher, Trey Ratcliff posted some time ago with tips for shooting people on the street and in today’s post he linked to it. I cannot tell you anything more than that he’s right. Follow these tips, well maybe except the first one, and you can get some great results. Anyway here is the link so check it out.

... And she gave me the smile ... 🙂

Shooting shooting people 🙂

So finally after a long time I took my favorite 70-200 on trip to Prague to make some portraits and street shots. Weather was great for people shooting, sky was grey and light was very soft. How I said, great conditions. I wasn’t following any people but used another tactic. Location is very important so I picked it first and than waited for people to come into the scene.

How I said, location matters a lot. Another thing you should be interested in are your camera settings. For these portraits/street shots I didn’t have enought time to set my aperture and shutter speed manually so I used aperture priority. Actually I’m in Av mode 70 % of all shoots. My 70-200 is f/4 so not so fast as it’s bigger f/2.8 brother. And also without IS. So one of my goals was to have fast enought shutter speed to have sharp shots. This means shooting wide open at f/4, which is cool and I like the bokeh it gives me. Trouble was with ISO.

My Rebel XSi/450D has DIG!C 3 processor and their noise is just terrible. With higher ISO

Woman in Red

setting, your photo will get less sharp in comparison with lower ISO. First few minutes I was at f/4 and ISO 1600. When I reviewed the images, my shutter was 1/1600s. It was so fast I was happy for it and lowered ISO to 400. Sometimes I had to move it to ISO 800 but it is still better than ISO 1600.

The Shoot

A lot of attention is drawned by red color. When you want a person to pop-up, let them wear red stuff. Just like woman in my picture. This can help you a lot.

Another great tip is to use your style of photography. I really love shooting wide open with long glass. It gives me ability to separate the subject and make them stand out from the rest of the scene. With big apertures I can also say “this is important” or “look here”.

Sometimes I also pick a subject and then take more than one shot of them. Now I don’t mean shoot in servo mode or continuous but making different shots. Just like images of this young girl I saw sitting on a bench.

Waiting and Poping

As you can see, thanks to shallow depth of field she is crisp sharp and everything around her is blurred. That makes people mind saying “she is important”! And I wanted that. After this shot she saw me and we said hi. She didn’t have any trouble with me taking photos of her so I continued. Why should I be standing and shooting from top, I sit down on bench on the oposite site from her and continued shooting.

Here is the last shot from today’s shoot. What I like about the portrait? The girl has dark hair and background is also dark. Because I was shooting into the sun I was able to get that nice rim light. You can see it on her hair. Some people in studios use extra strobe just to get this kind of light. You can have it for free 😉

This Monday I went into the city to check a new camera bag. Actualy they didn’t have the specific model but I took a look on some LowePro Fastpacks. Quite cool, but I like the one I chose better.

Now about photography. I went from the shop towards the National Theater and there was some group performing cool show. Action, anger, movement and everything together. Really great show. Then I went to Most Legii and made two shots there. Here they are.

For all these shots I was at ISO1600, f/5.6.

Some time ago I got an opportunity to became a photographer for Šumperk City. The event was The Dancing Street, world famous folk festival. It was still getting better and better … and this year it was absolutely stunning! Several Czech groups and 11 foreign groups were performing.


It’s about speed, I didn’t have any chance to switch lenses between each session. I took my 70-200 for shots from top and 28-70 for street photo. That is the gear. But what is even more important than this? Scouting, you have to know where every event will take place and know the location. I was able to get on top of the Town Hall. Because I was the only photographer there, I got shots nobody had and some of them are really stunning. But lets get serious. What is really the most most most important thing (except having charged batteries)? To have FUN!

Show the movement or freeze?

Try both. Why not? It’s digital, it’s free. Go for it. Set you shutter speed high to freeze the motion, or set low shutter speed (about 1/40s) and use 2nd curtain flash synchronization. That will give you great results. But be aware. When I was going for slow shutter speed I had to shoot at about f/16 and ISO 100. So the background isn’t out of focus at all.

And finally, here are the best shots from whole event! Hope you’ll like them and leave some comment 😉