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Forbidden Area (click to enlarge)

I don’t know why, but now I shoot a lot more HDR. Maybe it is because I can use better tools like LR3, PS CS5 or Photomatix 4, maybe just because it is cool. Two days ago I was on a walk with my friend Clara and we were passing throught graveyard. Yes, I know it is a weird place to go, but we wanted to know how we will end up 😉 But anyway, right at the entrance was this cool scene so I started thinking about it. Of course I made some portraits of her but she was so embaraced and asked me not to show them to anybody … don’t know why, because she’s one great looking sexy girl! 😀

I knew I had to shoot in HDR, because there were big differences between light levels. So I set my camera to AEB +/- 2. Now I needed to find that cool angle and feel for the image and it did take just a second. I realized I can shoot the “forbidden area” style. One element in foreground is in focus and is restrictive, the rest behind it is out of focus. The shot itself wasn’t bad. But I had to make it even better somehow. I felt it’s potential, just to process it the right way and I could get away with awesome photo. I’ve decided to go with Orton Effect. And of course, some other adjustments in Photoshop and Lightroom, as always. The final image is on the left of the post, click on it for better view, it will forward you to the photo on my Flickr account.

Here is the video about Orton Effect.

Hello everybody, it seems my small post about shooting at night was a bit blast, at least for my blog, so I decided to add another post about night photography and what you can do with cameras at slow shutter speeds. The video is done by Mark Wallace for Adorama TV. Mark is a great people photographer and he has some awesome shots so be sure to check out his website. Here you can find the video. If you like more info and videos about photography, subscribe to AdoramaTV’s Channel @Youtube.

Yesterday after Tottenham won against AC Milan (Go Tottenham) I was browsing the web a little bit and find this really cool site. I have in my favorites the Digital Photography School and now I found another interesting website Advanced Photography. What got my attention was their post about aperture, what is it’s effect, how it behave and all sort of other stuff. Really interesting post and I’m sure you should at least read it because it could be a huge plus for your photography.

Here you can find the post and be sure to check out also their whole website, not just that one post.

Hi, some time ago I was shooting some portraits as I mentioned in my article. Since that time I processed some photos, one of my favorite and another 5 or 6 for my cousins, they posed me as models. The first portrait is really cool and I was looking forward to process it, here you can check out the final result.

Today I processed mostly in Photoshop portrait of my second cousin. I won’t tell you how I processed it because I might do another post about it … or video might be better 🙂 But anyway, here is the final image of Pavla 🙂


Pavla - Photo taken with Canon EOS 450D/Rebel XSi, Canon EF 28-70mm @53mm, ISO100, f/8, 1/200s

Last time I wrote a post about this topic I posted a video by Joe McNally and his Da Grip. This is really important technique and you should get used to use it and really make sharp images. Today I’d like to tell you about something different. This is a technique or setup what I use and it is absolutely subjective. You don’t have to do it the same way how I do it, just give it a try and you will see if you like or not. Without it you cannot say it.

Use back focus button instead of focusing using shutter release button. This topic was discussed in a podcast and Scott Bourne has his opinion why should he press one button extra (the focus button) when he still needs to press the shutter button to take the picture. How I said someone likes it, someone doesn’t. But I cannot imagine focusing without using back focus button. Here are some reasons why.

I’m a Canon shooter and factory default settings for my Rebel XSi (450D) was to focus and lock down exposure by pressing the shutter button half way down. When you are shooting in One Shot mode (AI-Single), then the camera had to focus first and than it will take picture. But imagine you have a bit trouble with focusing and with my L glass 70-200 f/4 you can have it on M/A, let camera do the focusing and if you need to than you can adjust it manually. But when you want to make another shot camera will refocus and you will need to adjust it manually again to get the focus where you want it to be. With back focus button setuped it will be individual, you can focus and you can take shot anytime you like.

Another reason for this is when you are shooting some action or sports. Cameras have buffers. Buffer is space in camera where images are stored until they are transfered to cards. And buffers have limits. For my XSi it is 6 RAW files or 9 JPEGs. When your buffer get full you need to wait until it makes some space and for that time camera will not shoot. Some photographers like to release the shutter button to give camera time to empty this memory and write it all down to SD or CF card. But when you will release your shutter button, your camera will stop focusing. And that means you will need more time to focus after the buffer is empty to get sharp shot. With back focus button, you can still hold it and the camera will keep focusing. Then you just have to press the shutter.

Another great thing is with default setup you locked exposure and camera started focusing. With setting up back focus button, you will leave your shutter button just with exposure lock and that gives you more creative options and possibilities.

These are two great advantages of using back focus button and I got really used to it. I don’t focus anymore by shutter button and that is the way it is. But it is really up to you if you like it or not.

Here you can find an article from Digital Photography School about using Back Focus Button.

OK, so after some time processing in Lightroom and Photoshop and few episodes of Gilmore Girls I finally finished the first favorite portrait. In this post I’ll tell you all the settings I used in the camera and lighting. Of course I’ll show you a small drawing with light to know where it was, in what position was model and where I was shooting from.


Portrait Setup

Here you can see the basic setup. I bought for this event a 32″ shoot-thru umbrella. Why that small size umbrella? Well to be honest I with this type of umbrella you can get it very close to your subject and my 430 EX II isn’t powerfull enought to light the whole umbrella, it has a bit problems even with my 32″. Yeah and BTW, this umbrella is made by Lastolite, I wanted some quality product. Flash was setuped manually at 1/8 power and this all was mounted on my second tripod, the Hama Star 62.

I was shooting with my Canon 28-70. Great lens for portraits because you can get wide shot and than zoom in for head shot. My favorite 70-200 lens had not been used so much as I wanted to but 28-70 is also great lens, a bit old but very, very sharp. My 450D was setuped at ISO 200, 1/200s and f/5.6. Lens was zoomed in @53mm. Here is the final shot, hope you like it!




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You might read on my blog a small article about backing up files and how I trashed my one shoots 😦 The model posed for me for free, well just for photos. When I came from the location I put all the photos into a flash gallery, posted it online a send just her the link. She choice few of them and I processed them for free. And to be honest that quite saved me. I sent her the files before my mistake with photos so I could save few shots. But she picked 2 of 3 photos I didn’t like so I’ll post just the one shot.

You can see this image also on my flickr.

Portrait of my friend Jane taken with my 70-200 @126mm with 1/60s, f/4 and ISO 400. It was shot in Prague, Strelecky ostrov.

This Monday I had a chance to take a close look on the new 60D from Canon. What is the same and what is different … and what is crazy? To be honest it is a mixture of 7D, 550D and 50D (possibly).

Body and handling


The 60D sits right between 7D and 550D in size and even performance. The body itself is from “plastic”. Well a better one, but it surely isn’t the tough magnesium. It fits quite good in your hand and I had some feeling they moved the shutter button a bit, but it might and probably was, my mistake.

Canon is specific for their thumb dial. Previous models had this dial and joystick for navigation. In this particular model they made a combination of these two – a dial with “joystick navigation pad” in the middle. For me it was quite a pain. If you are shooting in warm conditions, you don’t have to wear gloves. But in winter the situation is different. With gloves you might not be able to use the dial as you would want to. Instead of turning, you could press the navigation.

Now lets talk a bit about controls and buttons other than joystick. Canon took all the buttons on the left back side of camera and arranged them to the right site. It’s great, because you can press it with your right hand and the left one can always support camera. On the other hand more buttons you have on small space, bigger possibility of pushing something you really don’t want. They also changed the buttons next to top LCD. Previous models had two possibilities to change when you pressed one button like AF/Metering. Now you have only one function.

You might think that I only criticize, but to be honest, I really didn’t like the camera. But there is one point I liked and I thing that this is the only reason why you should buy 60D. It’s the floppy screen.

Is it worth the money?

Canon EOS 60D ISO 6400

For me absolutely not. If you want to shoot just video and some stills, get 550D. If you want to get serious, go for 7D. How I sad earlier, the only selling point for 60D is the floppy screen.

Want to know more about performance and tech spec? Than click on this link.

Where to buy this camera? I recommend Megapixel or FotoŠkoda for Czech people and of course B&H or Adorama.

Hi guys, today was really perfect day for photography, especially landscape & nature using CPL. Because winter is coming, the sun isn’t as high as it is in summer. I used this as a weapon and went shooting at 3 PM.

Matt Kloskowski said that you should turn your CPL to the maximal effect and than move it about 50 % or 60 %. If you don’t do it, it might look fake. Well, I didn’t do it and it was a huge mistake! I had to increase the luminance of blues and aquas to get better sky.

Here you can see what CPL turned on maximum does. You can compensate for it but the sky is one of the reasons why you are doing this. You have to choose, what you’ll do when using this filter.

Here are the rest of shots from that day, I hope it’ll be better allied than my previous posts.

This Monday I went into the city to check a new camera bag. Actualy they didn’t have the specific model but I took a look on some LowePro Fastpacks. Quite cool, but I like the one I chose better.

Now about photography. I went from the shop towards the National Theater and there was some group performing cool show. Action, anger, movement and everything together. Really great show. Then I went to Most Legii and made two shots there. Here they are.

For all these shots I was at ISO1600, f/5.6.