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A lot of people get longer lenses just because they can get closer to their subject. I don’t argue with them but they don’t realize with zooming in the perspective changes also. If you don’t know what I’m talking about just check this video.


Are you going to Hawaii for a landscape shoot? Here is some inspiration.

aFeinberg – The Documentary from BROVADO Weddings on Vimeo.

Sometimes you just arrive at a location and start thinking about shooting. When there is huge dynamic range, you might be using HDR or gradual neutral density filter. Every good photographer will tell you the best light to shoot in is during dawn or dusk. There is also one huge advantage that not everybody tells you about. Dynamic range isn’t so big during sunrise or sunset. So when you want to use HDR it is an option, but not a must. And to be honest, you can get some funky results.

As you can see on the image right, dynamic range is OK and here I tried to do a pseudoHDR in Lightroom 4. Just drag Highlights slider to -100, Shadows slider to +100 and clarity to +100. Then you might need to adjust whites, blacks, exposure and other stuff but you can get nice result. But it just doesn’t work as much as a normal shot just down bellow.

Getting the real look makes the photo more realistic and better looking. With the one on the left I almost cut off all the atmosphere, great yellow light coming from the left, contrast between light and shadow and entire image gone a bit flat. Of course, that is caused by processing. Anyway with the second image we have everything. Nice light, shadow, contrast, dimension, depth, separation, color. I just love the shadows in left bottom corner of the image. What I’d love to have is a person in the photo sitting on a chair looking away from my camera. It would add a bit more magic to the image. But I couldn’t expect someone to be out there sitting in a restaurant at 6 AM.

Final image:

It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask

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Here in Czech republic we don’t celebrate Halloween as guys in USA does. We pray for dead people, light up a candle and think about all the good stuff we shared.

This photo has quite interesting background story. I was walking in Prague with my 28-70 and tripod when I came around a old church in a center of the city. I discovered this little cemetery surrounded by wall. First of all I tried to set my tripod up on the wall and take a night shot (exposure was about 20″) when a cemetery manager came to me and ask me what I’m doing.

The answer was simple, just tell him I was making a photo, he cannot do me any harm. He was OK with it and gave me a chance to shoot inside this wonderful small cemetery. Time was a limit for me so I tried one overall shot in HDR, which didn’t work out and then this nice image of two candles lighting names of dead families.

All Souls Day in Prague

Hi gang!

I finally got some free time instead of full time studying for my graduation at the university. A lot of people use aperture priority, some shoot in shutter priority, some percentage of photographers use the professional “P” mode. Somewhere I read that real photographer shoots only in full manual. I have to disagree with this statement. The most important part of photography is the final image/photo/result. It doesn’t matter how you get there, it’s the result what counts.

Anyway I shoot in Av (aperture priority) most of the time, but for flash I and few other scenarios I switch to full manual. If you’re interested about how to shoot in manual mode, here is quite good article about it and bellow this post are videos made by Jared Polin aka FroKnows Photo and Mark Wallace so be sure to check both out 😉

My favorite HDR photograher, Trey Ratcliff posted some time ago with tips for shooting people on the street and in today’s post he linked to it. I cannot tell you anything more than that he’s right. Follow these tips, well maybe except the first one, and you can get some great results. Anyway here is the link so check it out.

... And she gave me the smile ... 🙂