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Today this is probably the best social network for photographers. There is a lot of vibe around it and if you don’t basically know anything about it go and check this video from Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski and Kalebra Kelby about G+.

I’m starting on G+ right now and getting more and more involved. If you don’t know too much about it go and check out Colby Brown’s book here.

You can find my profile right here, I’m really looking forward to this experience with new social network.

Great video from amazing photographer Peter Hurley.

Some time ago I had few spare minutes so I’ve decided to check out Scott Kelby‘s newest video over at Kelby Training dedicated to composition … actually crushing it. Everytime I watch any of their videos I want to go out and try it but with this time I couldn’t get away from my laptop! It was so amazing!

Scott has a huge point about composition. Every book you can buy about this topic will start the same – rule of thirds. And leading lines will follow with patterns, frames and all this stuff you name it. But Scott showed a different point of view – any other photographer out there won’t tell you this. I watched the video two times and I’m trying to remember as much as possible.

Really if you have some spare minutes and are interested in photography in general (actually it is 1 hour 30 minutes long so a little bit more minutes) check his video at this link.

9/11 after 10 Years

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Blog
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It has been almost 10 years since World Trade Center was hit by planes. It was a huge tragedy not just for people of New York, but also for USA and whole world. News were showing images and videos of burning buildings, people running out of them and total chaos.

Many people died, but some survived. Police, firemen, doctors and everybody around were doing their best to help the ones in need. Even they had casualties, families lost husbands, brothers, uncles, sons and a lot more. Some bodies weren’t even found.

Joe McNally, famous people photographer based in NY, did a serie called “Faces of Ground Zero” in 2001. He photographed people connected and affected by this tragedy. Now he remade a shoot called “Faces of Ground Zero 2011” where he followed lives of people he shot 10 years before. You can find a small article about this topic over at Scott Kelby’s blog and images from whole project FGZ are on this website.

Hey everybody, a 4th year of this favorite event is planned. What it is? A social gathering of local photographers that walk together, make some images and afterwards hang out  in a restaurant to share a drink and photos. Of course, best images of whole walk will be awarded. I’m already signed up for a walk in Prague and I was also able to convince by boss from Canon to lend me 5D Mark II with 24-105 f/4L lens … Can’t wait for this event!

Dates: October, 1st and 2nd

Place: Worldwide (search for your city or lead your own photowalk)

You can check everyting here and watch the intro video for more info and all around stuff about this event.


Hey, how’re you doing? Some time ago there was a big discussion if you should use Twitter, Facebook or both for your photography. And how to use it, that is also important.

Basic results are you should use Facebook for promoting your photography, putting your photos on the web and using your fan page/personal page for marketing purposes. But Twitter is a bit different, it is used by guys in the industry so if you want to check out what’s new and other stuff about photography, than Twitter is the place to go.

I could write down a big article about using Facebook for marketing etc. but here is the short version 😉 When you photograph someone, as him/her for permission to publish the best photos on Facebook. After publishing, mark them in the photo.

What will be the difference between letting them put these photos in their photo gallery and putting it into your gallery? Quite big. If they put it in and mark them self, people will see the image because they will be marked and just write down comment how great the picture is. They won’t trouble about getting your name, name of your business or anything like that. And only their friends will see it.

If you put it on the web, the subject will be able to see it, his/her friends will be able to see it and the links will be forwarded on your fan page/personal page. Also your fans/friends will see it. This will give you more music for same bucks 🙂

And the Twitter? Well I use it just to keep in touch with photographers like Jeremy Cowart, Scott Kelby, RC Concepcion, Joe McNally etc. But also for posting comments online when watching The Grid and stuff like that 😉

Be aware, both things are catchy! 🙂

BTW you can twitter me @JohnJilek

Some time ago I posted an article about who inspires me. It is Jeremy Cowart. His style is killing, his vision is awesome. Another photographer can be Cliff Mautner. I won’t write here anything about his Bio or something like that, you can google it out. Of course, you can check his website or visit some of his boot camps. But Jeremy, Cliff and many other great photographers are on one spot – Kelby Training Online!

It may see as some king of advertisement but I’m not payed for this. Kelby Training is cool website where you can learn from other professional photographers. But it isn’t just about learning. Take a look on some shots and try to redo them in your enviroment. Because you see how they did it, what settings they used, where was the light, how intense was the light, what modifier was used, where was photographer, were was model etc. you have more than plenty info.

But Cliff is absolutely crazy photographer! He strarted out as a photo journalist and now he shoots weddings. I took a look on his first class, essensials of photography and was just blown away! I didn’t think it could get any better, but than I saw his video of shooting beautiful brides and it was even better! And with his third training video …. well you can figure it out!

It changed my hierarchy levels in photography.

  • Succer (can’t shoot but behaves like if he was shooting like Joe McNally)
  • Tourist (classical point-n-shoot guy)
  • Amateur (guy with interest in photography at starting point)
  • Euthusiastic Amateur (he’s getting better and better)
  • Semi-Pro
  • Professional Photographer
  • Scott Kelby
  • Joe McNally
  • Chuck Norris (yeah, he’s everywhere 😀 )
  • Cliff Mautner
  • Jeremy Cowart

Everybody who is starting in anything needs to be inspired. It can be a person, it can be an achievement and it can be a ton of other different things and subjects. I have many “Gurus” in photography, especially in portraits. Here I’d like to stop for a sec and tell you a bit about NAPP and Kelby Training Online.

NAPP stands for National Association of Photoshop Professionals and was founded by Scott Kelby. He is one of the Photoshop Guys and a great photographer. His company, Kelby Media Group, founded another series of webs and smaller independend parts like Kelby Training Online, Kelby Training Live, Photoshop User Tv, D-Town etc.

Kelby Training Online is a cool website where you can pay for membership and you can watch videos with the best photographers. It is a bit how they do that. But it isn’t just about photography, there is a lot of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Web, Flash, Premiere and a bunch of other software. Basically this is the place to learn stuff about shooting. You can find there photographers like Joe McNally, Moose Peterson, Rick Sammon, Scott Kelby, Jeremy Cowart and more.

All these guys inspire me and they are telling me, throught the videos, how to shoot. When I’m interested in lighting I watch some Joe McNally classes. The Ultimate Guru for me is Jeremy. His portraits is awesome! If he told me, that this show was made next to the public toillets, I wouldn’t believe him and even think he is crazy! But I saw it on the video, I saw what he did and the whole story of taking the image. For me, Jeremy is the guy I should be learning from, his tips are killers!

Adorama TV posted a chat with Jeremy so you can check it out.