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Sometimes you just arrive at a location and start thinking about shooting. When there is huge dynamic range, you might be using HDR or gradual neutral density filter. Every good photographer will tell you the best light to shoot in is during dawn or dusk. There is also one huge advantage that not everybody tells you about. Dynamic range isn’t so big during sunrise or sunset. So when you want to use HDR it is an option, but not a must. And to be honest, you can get some funky results.

As you can see on the image right, dynamic range is OK and here I tried to do a pseudoHDR in Lightroom 4. Just drag Highlights slider to -100, Shadows slider to +100 and clarity to +100. Then you might need to adjust whites, blacks, exposure and other stuff but you can get nice result. But it just doesn’t work as much as a normal shot just down bellow.

Getting the real look makes the photo more realistic and better looking. With the one on the left I almost cut off all the atmosphere, great yellow light coming from the left, contrast between light and shadow and entire image gone a bit flat. Of course, that is caused by processing. Anyway with the second image we have everything. Nice light, shadow, contrast, dimension, depth, separation, color. I just love the shadows in left bottom corner of the image. What I’d love to have is a person in the photo sitting on a chair looking away from my camera. It would add a bit more magic to the image. But I couldn’t expect someone to be out there sitting in a restaurant at 6 AM.


Final image:

After some time I finally got away from work and games, took my camera to Prague and went for a walk with my friend, Clara. We were walking, talking and I was scouting some cool locations for portraits and landscapes. We started at Ujezd, bellow Petrin Hill and walket towards to Strahov’s Monastery and back down. And on our way down I spotted some really cool places for HDR, mostly with houses. It was quite cold outside so I didn’t spent much time, that 1.5 hour walk was long enought.

Old house in Prague (HDR)

But back to photography. I took a good look on one old house and on his walls were these old dried-up sprouts. The overall image looked fine so I took the shots. Afterward it was processed in Photomatix and final touch was made in Lightroom. I really like those square and rectangular shapes in contrast with the broken wall. I also included a person into the shot and it made even more impact on the photo, I really don’t know which I like better but I think for my level of photography they are both very fine.

Old House in Prague with Better Impact


It seems HDR photography is very popular here so here is another post about it. Well maybe some kind a tip or something like it 😉

When you take HDR photos, you might not like to process them asap. Why? I’m not telling that you shouldn’t or musn’t, but till the time you will actually process it you might get over some new cool stuff about HDR photography and it’s processing. Just like me.

I took the shot in 2008 and processed today, January 22nd 2010 so about year and half later. And what did I get from it? A really nice picture that I like. And that is the point. I didn’t know how to process it, I just knew it involved some piece of software, in my case Photomatix and than a lot of post processing. But to be honest I thought that the entire painterly effect will be made in Photoshop afterwards, but that is not true. If I processed that photo before and DELETED the original files, because I didn’t like the result, I wouldn’t be able to get this cool looking image I got today.

For this image I used a lot of Luminosity slider and I got this almost final image. Just the tree looked a bit bright I darkened it and took care of halos. Here is the final result.


HDR Brass's Pond

Last Tuesday I decided to take a walk and make some shots of Prague’s Castle. I didn’t have my whole equipment with me because it couldn’t fit into my bag and I was and still am quite sad. I took only tripod and my 28-70mm lens with me. I was photographing from Palackeho’s Bridge and according to the distance and focal length I was able to get a “close-up” shot with lens zoomed all the way in and also the wide one zoomed all the way out.

But lets talk a bit about photography. I put the tripod on ground, extended all my legs, leveled it and put on my camera. Everything looked really fine. There were just few problems. I took the first shot at f/16 and 0 EV. How I thought before the shot, whole scene was brighter than it should be. This was caused by the camera itself.

As you might know, camera is looking for grey color in pictures and tries to compensate for it aka making grey really grey. If it cannot find any it will make some. If you’re shooting in dark place (room without lights or night shots), it will try to make that black or dark light a grey one. That means you have to put it back. Each other shot was made with -1EV, except the HDR, of course.

I was going for that silk water look and had to use f/8. That wasn’t the best decision, I should have gone for f/5.6. With smaller aperture, lights will have that star shape and I wanted to avoid it. Another thing is traffic like boats and cars. You can take a shot with light trails. It looks really nice.

But what pissed me off? Airplanes! When you have a 30s exposure a plane is flying thought the scene, there will be dots caused by lights of the plain. I was fortunate enough these trails were just on one shot and I didn’t need the shot at all (it was the +1EV for HDR).

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