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Generally you can make portraits it two destinations. One is studio and the second one is everywhere else. In studio you have total control. You can change type of light, direction, power, aperture, ISO and other stuff. Images can be ruined just by you. I enjoy more shooting outside. Not everywhere, I don’t like shooting in pubs and houses, but I love shooting in nature.

With this type of portraits you can have huge trouble with light. We can divide light to 4 groups. The most important are hard light and soft light. Soft light is easy to use and you can have soft light, when there are a lot of clouds outside. They are like a huge softbox and give you great light. Just point your model’s face a bit up to fill shadows under eyes so you won’t get the racoon eyes.

But what about hard light? Well you can use diffusers to softer your light. But when you don’t have anybody who could help you? Shoot into the light. Position your model between the sun and you. This will have two effects. First will be beautiful soft light on model’s face and second will be something we call rim light. But be aware, there will be huge differences in exposures on model’s face and sky.

And here is another example, this time with sky behind models. As you can see, the sky is a lot brighter than faces and I had to use flash to compensate or just shoot for their faces. But it is also a nice portrait 🙂

Double Portrait