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So it finally happened. This Tuesday I bought a better tripod and I needed it. I went to the shop after school and checked it out again. Again I had a talk with sales rep if it is the tripod for me. When I told I will mount my Canon 450D with 70-200 lens he agreed with the legs but not with ballhead. What I didn’t say was that the lens is f/4 not f/2.8 and it was a big difference. But lets get to the point.

OH MY GOD, it is so heavy! I didn’t even think about it but it is true. I thought it will be about the same weight as my old and unstable Hama Star 62 but it isn’t … and to be honest I like it a lot 🙂 As usual Manfrotto has every box labeled with their logos and it goes really well with the box color they chose but lets take a look inside.

The ballhead is Manfrotto 496RC2 model. The RC2 means it has quick release plate. That is one of the features I really enjoy and was going for with any tripod. Screwing the camera on or off the tripod isn’t working for me and with release plate is really easy. Everything is build from metal so it is heavier but better quality. The actual ball is medium sized in the Manfrotto 49xRC2 range. Another good point is friction control so when you want you can increase the friction or decrease it just depending on you and your needs. It doesn’t have a second axis lock so I can’t just loose one axis and keep my camera locked in the same position and move it just around vertical axis. This feature is great for panos but I don’t shoot them so I don’t need it at all. Really good thing is it has secure lock. You have there two levers, one will unlock the second and with the second you’ll release the camera. A good secure way to go with. When you release your plate, the mount will stay opened so you will just clip your camera back and it will lock automatically.

Now lets talk a bit about the legs …. 190XPROB. Can support up to 5 kg weigh but 1 kg is for ballhead and you have “only” 4 kg for your camera. The maximal height is 122 cm and to be honest I thought it is really small. But how I said in my previous post about choosing the right tripod height is important and I was running in the flat with meter. Now I was able to measure it. I extended the legs on maximum, added the ballhead and with the camera it will be just OK 🙂 Another good thing is the center column. You can switch it from going straight up to horizontal level and so you can shoot really nice macro shots with it because you’ll get close.

OK, that was the first look about my new tripod and I’m really looking forward to try it in the field. 🙂