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A lot of people get longer lenses just because they can get closer to their subject. I don’t argue with them but they don’t realize with zooming in the perspective changes also. If you don’t know what I’m talking about just check this video.

OK so after some time I’ve decided to make my own first “pro looking” self-portrait. Those who know me a bit know I’m interested in contrasts and drama. These are things I love in photography and I wanted to have a portrait with these elements included. My little dream finally gone true!

What I used?

For the entire shoot I got away only with my great love – Canon 70-200 f/4, of course mounted on my Rebel XSi/450D from Canon. As a support was used my new Manfrotto tripod and thanks to cable release I didn’t have to use self timer. And the most important element – light? Only my desktop lamp. That was all. Here is the setup on a quick sketch I made for your info.

According the sketch I could expect some dramatic lighting because I moved the light quite close and didn’t have any fill light on the other side. And camera settings? Because I wasn’t using flash I had to push the camera’s ISO up to 400, shoot wide open at f/4 and with 1/60s. This speed is quite OK. I was shooting @70mm and without mine big movement I was able to get really sharp shot.

The trickiest part of this whole thing is focus. Where to focus, how to focus etc. Because I’m using my back AF-ON focus button to focus the camera, I didn’t have to be worried about refocusing between the shots and picking up bad focus point. I didn’t have to switch the lens to manual focus also. But where to focus?

You have to pick your spot where you’ll be or your subject. Then arrange something on that exact spot in vertical and horizontal guideline. You will focus on subject and then lock your focus. Then just get into the same exact spot and using cable release fire the camera 😉 If you want, you can check a video about this done by Mark Wallace and Adorama TV.