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Keep Your Eyes Open

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Blog
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I’ve already posted an article about looking behind you and in all possible directions. Sometimes you find big things you didn’t see before, sometimes just some small ones. Just like this “Jose” sign carved out in the tree. Why I took a photo of it? When I’m out shooting on streets, I look for things I haven’t seen before. This is one of them.


Depth of Field

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Blog
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Depth of Field (DOF) is very impotant part of photography. In simple talk it affects objects that are in focus or out of focus. You can shoot with huge DOF or shallow DOF. For my style of shooting I choose shallow DOF to make my subject stand out. You can also create cool effects with it. A photo with shallow DOF was posted in my previous post, here is a post what effects DOF and more info about it and finally my second image from “Full Manual Challenge”.

Ok, so finally I have some time to post here some shots from my challenge. I was shooting as most of the time with my Canon EOS 450D (Rebel XSi) and Canon’s 70-200 f/4 lens. Aperture, shutter speed and ISO varies on almost every image. First of all, what was my “Full Manual Challenge”?

Basically set your camera to Manual (“M”), set your AF to manual focus (“MF”) and turn off image review. It will force you to think about your image even more, what camera’s meter can be fooled, what will be OK etc. Because you’re in MF, most of the time static things will be your subject. Until you’ll figure out your triange (ISO, aperture, shutter speed), you’ll also be thinking and judging composition. Believe me, since this challenge I’ll be doing most of my work in manual settings.

I’ll publish another photo tomorow, but just some heads up, LR is showing me 32 images from those two days and I really like about 13 of them. That is superb result but it goes on, some shots are “copies” just for security reasons so I can have about 25 images and like more than 50%! WOW 🙂


The Infinite Road Uncorrected

Hi to all. During my exam period at the university I didn’t pass throught one exam and I’m waiting for second term. This term is planned on February 1st and my last exam was taken on January 17th. So this whole time I’m at home having nothing to do, because most of my friends are in Prague or spread around whole republic and, Slovakia, Russia, USA, UK, Austria, Australia and more countries around the world. So the only way how to keep in touch with them is using Social Network. Also because the bad weather I didn’t go out and make some pictures but today everything changed! 🙂

HDR from the Walk, Unprocessed

The temperature was quite good, about 0°C (32°F), no rain, no snow but just the sky wasn’t anything interesting. To be honest the sky was just one huge plane of grey color mixed sometimes with darker and lighter grey. And I wanted to go out in these conditions and shoot landscapes? Yes, not nature but landscapes!? I really had to be crazy ….

But really, the tip for today, and not just for today is simple. If the sky doesn’t look good, don’t put it into the scene. It is simple and effective. At least you won’t have that boring plane of grey color on the top of your images. Also sometimes this can help and you can use it to your advantage. With this plane made by clouds you get a free extra super large softbox and that is cool for portraits. This can be the plan B when weather isn’t so great outside.

In the begining of the post I put two images, both weren’t finished. The Infinite Road isn’t bad at all, but the white balance is absolutely somewhere else than it should be and with the HDR you can see a really bad blue tint. Here are the final images. For the road I used only Lightroom 3 to process it, for the HDR I had to jump into Photoshop, set black, white and grey point using curves and than I used a plug-in. The secret ingredience … Nik Software Color Efex and it’s Brillance/Warmth preset. Hope you’ll enjoy them.

The Infinite Road Processed

HDR from the Walk Processed