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Hey everybody, today I was on a walk with my camera on Vysehrad and when I got out of a metro an interesting idea came to me. There is a bridge very near by and it might be interesting to play with perspective. The bridge itself is very static but is very well known spot for people who want to commit suicide. So with some luck I could get some motion into the picture 🙂 (just kidding, I like black humor 😉 ).

I stepped underneath it, shot vertical HDR and also tried a horizontal one. On my laptop’s screen I like more the landscape format so I processed that one. And what is with the header of this post? Yesterday I watched a tutorial by Trey Ratcliff how he processed his files. Of course, there was a part with Photomatix, but more interesting for me was the Photoshop part. I tried to follow his advices and came back with a look that I like quite a lot. Something I would be able to achieve in Photomatix but the rest of image would suck or have some other issues. Trey is a great teacher and I’ve learnt a lot from his tutorial. You can always check him out at his website, Flickr, Facebook or Google+. I might post the tutorial on processing sometime later.



Hey everybody, some time ago Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski posted reasons why photographers should use and are using Lightroom. Check them out here, they are really awesome!

Hi guys, today was really perfect day for photography, especially landscape & nature using CPL. Because winter is coming, the sun isn’t as high as it is in summer. I used this as a weapon and went shooting at 3 PM.

Matt Kloskowski said that you should turn your CPL to the maximal effect and than move it about 50 % or 60 %. If you don’t do it, it might look fake. Well, I didn’t do it and it was a huge mistake! I had to increase the luminance of blues and aquas to get better sky.

Here you can see what CPL turned on maximum does. You can compensate for it but the sky is one of the reasons why you are doing this. You have to choose, what you’ll do when using this filter.

Here are the rest of shots from that day, I hope it’ll be better allied than my previous posts.