Try to be Creative

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Blog
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Hey guys, just a short article for today. Everytime I shoot I’m trying to come up with something new. It doesn’t matter if my quest is portrait, landscape or anything else. When you do a new thing you haven’t ever done or nobody did it, then you will be unique. Just how to be so unique?

When I was shooting portraits with my friends it took a long time and we stayed out till night. Because we were close to fairground I got this cool idea. I put my camera to full manual, mounted it on tripod, used 24-70 combined with flash, 10s exposure and f/11 aperture. I fired the flash manually on 9th second to get as less motion blur as possible and good exposure. Here is final image.

  1. Kakuzu :P says:

    nice pic 😉 and nice chicks 😀

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