Posted: February 24, 2012 in Blog
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When you open a book on composition, the first chapter will be on 90% famous rule of thirds, leading lines might follow etc. I have to include patterns because they are very know and used. When you have some repeating pattern it doesn’t mean, this photo will be great, you might just be shooting a pattern be it from windows, umbrellas or anything. What can be a winner is something that interrupts this pattern. I’m not saying it will be a portfolio shot, just saying it will be a lot more interesting. But when it is broken on more than one spot, it isn’t too much interesting. For an example take a look on this image.

This is a way how many people will shoot pattern. Is this photo interesting for you? For me it is just a snapshot of hotel in Prague that has many windows and some of them are open. What to do? Zoom in tight. And if you don’t have lens long enough? Than crop in 😉 Cameras today are able to shoot at 16 MPx and more so you have a plenty of details in photos and can crop tight. And final image can look like this. For me it’s a good photo, no portfolio piece but more interesting than the one above.

Pattern Interupted


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