Recreating Favorite HDR in Nik HDR Efex Pro

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Blog
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I do a lot of HDR photography, some is good, some not so good but I was wondering if I can recreate a look of my favorite HDR shots from Photomatix with Nik HDR Efex Pro. I’m now using it for 90% of time and I really like it. I have an option to choose from several algorithms with different looks and behavior, Photomatix gave me just one. Don’t get fooled, Photomatix is a great piece of software but Nik gives me just a lot more options. On the other hand, it is slower than Photomatix but I can wait, no rush 😉

Anyway, the first image processed with Photomatix, second with Nik HDR Efex Pro. Photomatix version is a little bit brighter but that is just about pulling a brightness slider to the left. I like the way both look.

HDR Brass's Pond

Photomatix Version

Nik HDR Efex Pro Version


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