Best of 2011 – Part 1 – People Shots

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Blog
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Everybody is doing this 2011 thing so I can’t stay behind 😛 Anyway I found out my photography is different than photography of some people out there. Here is just a quick thought. Some people like to shoot what other people like but I like to shoot what I like and how I like it. Is it a problem? Not for me, to be honest it makes me a bit unique from the rest  of photographers. I don’t want to become that stock photographer and want to continue shooting what I love and like. Here is the best of 2011 from my collection.

People shots


This is one of my cousins and one of the first images I made in 2011. Just I wish weather in winter would be better so we could make an outside shoot.


Same place, same time, same situation, just different lighting and model.

Am I Awake or Having Nightmare?

A third shot from the shoot.

One of my favorite street shots, just saw me with a camera pointing at her and she started smiling. Loved the communication between me and her.

These are just some of my favorite portraits and people images I took, be ready for another section 😉


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