Posted: December 19, 2011 in Blog
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Hey everybody, here is a photo of Rudolfinum building on a bank of river Vltava. It’s a home to Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Thanks to a light rain and chilly weather today I didn’t have any trouble with removing people because there weren’t any 😉 If you want to know something more about this nice historical building here is a text from Wikipedia.

The Rudolfinum has been the home of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra since 1946 and is one of the main venues of the Prague Spring International Music Festival held each year in May and June.[1] The building was designed by architect Josef Zítek and his student Josef Schulz, and was opened February 8, 1885. It is named in honour of Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria, who presided over the opening.
The Rudolfinum’s Dvořák Hall is one of the oldest concert halls in Europe and is noted for its excellent acoustics. On 4 January 1896 Antonín Dvořák himself conducted the Czech Philharmonic in the hall in its first ever concert.[2]
The building also contains the Galerie Rudolfinum, an art gallery that focuses mainly on contemporary art. Major exhibitions have included: František Drtikol – Photographer, Painter, Mystic, (1998), Cindy Sherman: Retrospective, (1998), Jürgen Klauke: Side Effect, (1998), Czech Photography 1840-1950, (2004), Annelies Štrba, (2005), Neo Rauch: Neue Rollen, (2007), Uncertain States of America, (2007-2008), Gottfried Helnwein: Angels Sleeping, (2008).


  1. davidjgill says:

    Beautiful photo!.. and I also like photos of architecture without people, some disagree.

    But, you might think about using some kind of perspective correction lens to get rid of the building leaning back effect. Years ago I had a Minolta perspective correction or tilt-shift lens (sadly stolen) that eliminated that problem. It was really fun to use and it was almost magical…I could do so much with it for subjects like this. …just a thought.

    I do hope to get to Prague and hear the Czech Phil. at the Rudolfinum one day!

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