It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Blog
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Here in Czech republic we don’t celebrate Halloween as guys in USA does. We pray for dead people, light up a candle and think about all the good stuff we shared.

This photo has quite interesting background story. I was walking in Prague with my 28-70 and tripod when I came around a old church in a center of the city. I discovered this little cemetery surrounded by wall. First of all I tried to set my tripod up on the wall and take a night shot (exposure was about 20″) when a cemetery manager came to me and ask me what I’m doing.

The answer was simple, just tell him I was making a photo, he cannot do me any harm. He was OK with it and gave me a chance to shoot inside this wonderful small cemetery. Time was a limit for me so I tried one overall shot in HDR, which didn’t work out and then this nice image of two candles lighting names of dead families.

All Souls Day in Prague


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