Shooting in Basement

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Blog
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Yesterday I was going through some photos I took in Prague and wanted to process some new HDR but didn’t have one. So I decided to make one. And what is better in HDR than grungy enviroment with a lot of textures? Maybe I could come up with a better thing but in the mean time I didn’t. So my next path went to a basement.

First of all I was lacking a subject in a scene. So I looked around me and saw this bike, thought it might look kind a goodin HDR so I went for it. Trouble were given by a light coming from a window right in front of my lens and because I had to use 18-55 IS Mark I lens it was a problem. A lot of color fringing, aberations and other bad stuff. I chose a different angle because walls were blocking light directly hitting a front element of the lens. Wish I had something like 14mm f/2.8L USM for this kind of stuff … Or some other good wide lens.

Metering was made using Evaluative and in Av with aperture f/8. Then I switched to manual and bracketed shots on my own. First image was overexposed by about 1EV so after it I went with faster shutter speeds. The slowest one was about 1,3″ and for the longest I had to switch to BULB mode and keep my shutter opened for 40″. This image is a combination of 9 different exposures.

Grunge Bike


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