What is the Problem with Cheap Lenses?

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Blog
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Some time ago I bought RC Concepcion’s The HDR Book and was playing with a bit. I’ll try to post a review not just on my blog but also on Amazon.com, where I ordered it from. I watched and took several HDR classes from different instructors. The best classes were from Matt Kloskowski, RC and Trey Ratcliff. Processing many images from all these three guys was interesting and following their techniques increased my skills. When family friends bought an old house we went there on a visit and a beautiful old stairway caught my attention.

I knew it could look great in HDR and getting permission to shoot there won’t be a problem. And so it happened. I had only one possibility for lens selection and that was kit 18-55 lens. And I figured during shooting, I’ll have photos with a lot of trouble because of optical quality. If I had chance to shoot with some L glass like 16-35 or 17-40, even 17-55 these problems wouldn’t matter, they’ll be minimalized thanks to quality of these lenses. And what were some issues? Sharpness, noise (yes, it created extra noise in patterns), flare, glare, chromatic aberations, color fringing. It was really bad and I wasn’t able to remove it completely even after 2 hours of work in Photoshop. If I use clone tool, I overwrite details that I don’t want to. Color correction was helpful but didn’t do the job perfectly. After this “incident” I know that this lens is banned for my use.


If you want high quality images, pay some extra cash on your lenses 😉

BTW it was created from 10 different images merged together in Photomatix and processed with Photoshop.


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