Last Pictres from my Full Manual Challenge

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Blog
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Hey guys, here are 4 last images from the challenge. Some of them I thing are interesting, sometimes subjet is color, other time I went with a bit mood. Just like with these two shots.

Colors Captured my Eye

Searching for Something?

 I like the mood in the second picture. Not whole body is shown, for me it creates a sence of mystery, what is he looking for there, what is he doing. I’m not saying these are the best pictures I’ve ever made, just saying they caught my attention.

Framing may work

Tried to make something different with this image. Prague’s Castle is very well know landmark and being photographed 1,000x a day. Why not to go with a little bit different look? Using a “window” I used a different composition and believe me or not, about 2% of all the people who ever shot this landmark has similar shot. Maybe even less, everybody stands on a bridge and get a wide shot. You have to make unique pictures to become a better photographer, show and raise your creativity.


I really loved reflections in shiny objects and on glass. You can find and make some cool shots just by having your eyes opened. That’s it for this post, I’m pretty sure this challenge will be repeated someday.

  1. Cheng says:

    Very nice work!

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