Hidden Entrance

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Blog
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Because of yesterday’s full manual great resutls I decided to make the same thing today. Nothing changed except the location and final images? Right out of camera were stunning! Quite sure I made one or two shots into my portfolio.

Anyway, here is second HDR image of the chapel over at Vysehrad. This time I was going for a bit mystique look. I was too long with my 70-200 and even backing up didn’t do the job. Panorama was the only choice. Some people have in their mind panoramas can be created from 3 shots only. That is not true. I made even 13 images pano and it ended up well. I fit in the entrance and trees in 2 shots. How?

Simple answer. Took 3 exposures of one part and 3 exposures of another part. Here they are.

I exported these 6 files as 16b TIFFs and imported first three into Photomatix. Made tonemapping, exported and imported the second set of 3 images. The important part is I didn’t change any of my settings neither in Lightroom nor Photomatix. Otherwise I’d end up with two different images I wouldn’t be able to blend together. That is THE trick you have to do.

After this it was quite simple. Merge to panorama in Photoshop, make some adjustments and final image was born 🙂

Mystique Chapel


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