How Important is Post-processing?

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Blog
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In one word – a lot! Well that’s two words, but who cares … Anyway, lets start at the beginning. You take a picture. Sometimes there are things you can’t do inside a camera or it will take a lot of time to repair it in camera. It can take few seconds to repair it in Lightroom or Photoshop. I’m not saying you should just take a picture and than try to make a miracle inside these programs. You have to decide if it’s worth the extra work. For example, when shooting in studio you get a little tiny bit of blown out highlights on her teeth. Yes, you can play again with lighting and tweek it to perfecion. But if the problem isn’t huge, you can just pull the recovery slider in Lightroom and have the same result in less than 2 seconds!

But there are some things you can’t do in camera and this is the place when post-processing comes in hand. Let’s take for example this shot.

Original Tram Generation

As you can see the shot isn’t good at all. I wanted to catch how old railtrams end up and in the background for contrast there is a new type cruising Prague. But the shot? Well …. to be honest I didn’t like it when I first took a look on it. But afterwards I got an idea. I combined Lightroom, Nik Color Efex Pro and Photoshop to get the best possible result. Boosted up contrast in highlights, midtones and shadows with some layers and curves is a deadly combination and I love this shot!

A Tram Generation

A Tram Generation


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