Thank You Nik Software!

Posted: May 14, 2011 in Blog
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There are many styles of photoraphy and many types of it. I mostly like to shoot people, landscapes, nature and for last few months also HDR. But what software is best for processing HDR images? Photomatix? Photoshop? Nik HDR Efex Pro?

First of all I started with Photomatix 3. The results weren’t bad, but it was very noisy and when I didn’t use a tripod and needed to reduce ghosting, there wasn’t this option. But the look wasn’t so bad.

Than Photoshop CS5 came out with it’s HDR Pro and the world was happy. Cool ghost reduction based on image you’ll choose and a lot of options for processing. Quite cool but I didn’t like the look of it as much as from Photomatix.

Moving forward in time Nik Software came up with their HDR Efex Pro. Unfortunately for me, they changed something with graphic stuff etc. and the user interface didn’t render for me. Software was working but it wasn’t useable. I submitted a question on their tech support and the answer was to update my graphic card driver and Windows. Last driver for my ATI Radeon is from 2007 so no update was possible.

Last week on the Grid I submitted a comment via Twitter and a guy from Nik Software answered and gave me a tip to ask for “Safe Mode”. And so I did. Next day I had an e-mail from Nik with the solution. Tried it and now it works perfectly! I’m really looking forward to test it out and compare with Photomatix. Especially look and noise, results will be of course posted on my blog and Flickr 😉



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