Split Toning in Lightroom and Camera Raw

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Blog
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A lot of professional and amateur photographers use Lightroom or at least Camera Raw. You can do a ton of stuff in this “same” programs. Lightroom is Camera Raw on steroids thanks to modules. Let’s talk a bit about the Develop module.

There are 8 panels you can work with and few weeks ago I was using just basic, tone curve, HSL, sharpenning, effects and camera calibration panels. Now I’m also trying to use the split toning. It looks cool when you can apply some great toning to the picture and change the mood and other stuff. For me it isn’t easy to get it working.

First of all, you don’t see how hue will change the image. You can use that color picker. With just one click it will give you hue and saturation. Not bad but what if you aren’t sure? Than you can do it the way I do. Hold down ALT or Option key and drag the HUE slider. You’ll see the effect with saturation set to 100%. When you’ll like the hue, just set the correct amount of saturation and you’re done.

Final step is just to find the right balance between highlights and shadows. And of course, you’ll get better by using this effect even more and more.

Silent Observer

Silent Observer


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