Facebook vs. Twitter

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Blog
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Hey, how’re you doing? Some time ago there was a big discussion if you should use Twitter, Facebook or both for your photography. And how to use it, that is also important.

Basic results are you should use Facebook for promoting your photography, putting your photos on the web and using your fan page/personal page for marketing purposes. But Twitter is a bit different, it is used by guys in the industry so if you want to check out what’s new and other stuff about photography, than Twitter is the place to go.

I could write down a big article about using Facebook for marketing etc. but here is the short version 😉 When you photograph someone, as him/her for permission to publish the best photos on Facebook. After publishing, mark them in the photo.

What will be the difference between letting them put these photos in their photo gallery and putting it into your gallery? Quite big. If they put it in and mark them self, people will see the image because they will be marked and just write down comment how great the picture is. They won’t trouble about getting your name, name of your business or anything like that. And only their friends will see it.

If you put it on the web, the subject will be able to see it, his/her friends will be able to see it and the links will be forwarded on your fan page/personal page. Also your fans/friends will see it. This will give you more music for same bucks 🙂

And the Twitter? Well I use it just to keep in touch with photographers like Jeremy Cowart, Scott Kelby, RC Concepcion, Joe McNally etc. But also for posting comments online when watching The Grid and stuff like that 😉

Be aware, both things are catchy! 🙂

BTW you can twitter me @JohnJilek


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