What Photography is Really About?

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Blog
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Some time ago I posted an article about camera settings and why they are important for us, the people not fortunate enought to be able to buy Canon 1Ds Mark III, 5D Mark II or Nikon D700, D3s and still have some money to spend on rent and food. But yesterday I was shooting in Prague, as always “street style” but this time with my 28-70mm lens. Not bad for wider shots, but my precious 70-200 is the best!

Anyway, here is the basic thought. In the article I mentioned I talked about how photography got too much technical. A lot of people are concerned about technical part – getting best exposure, great histogram, composition and aren’t concern about what photography is and should be about. Why do photos taken in full auto mode are more interesting? Why they have that impact? Yes, exposure is bad and other stuff, but there are moments captured! That is important, capturing moments.

Look Mummy, I made a Picture!

This is what photography is about for me! Photo isn’t perfect. I know, my exposure should be +1/3 EV, composition should be different, I don’t like that stand behind … but these are just technical things but it has that important part for me – MOMENT! And here is one processed HDR with Matt Kloskowsky’s 300 Strong Preset.


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