Why Camera Settings Matter for People

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Blog
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Last time I talked about Cliff Mautner. In his video with photographing beautiful brides he said “I give a damn about my settings, they are not important”. Well they aren’t important, I have to agree. Important is the result. But why do so many people care about settings?

For me it is quite simple. I care about settings a lot. When I’m out with my precisous 70-200 I don’t have IS. That means I can’t shoot slower than 1/320s @200mm. In combination with Rebel XSi (450D) it means my ISO will be 400+ to get sharp shot. Cliff said “I’m at ISO 5000. Why? Because I can!” That is the reason why he doesn’t care about settings. He and I are both shooting wide open, but his lens can shoot on f/2.8 and mine at f/4! That is a huge difference. Another thing is ISO. My Rebel “goes up to” ISO 1600 but his fullframe D3s goes to ISO102.400! When I’m up at ISO 400 my image is unuseable but his shot at ISO 5000 is perfect and it has also less noise.

So in conclusion … we amateurs are watching our camera settings to have some pixel quality in pictures. We cannot shoot with ISO boosted all the way up as he can. We have to find that perfect combination of ISO, aperture, shutter speed and focal length for our shots. That is why we care about our settings, why we change it a lot. If I had enought money to buy what I want to buy then I wouldn’t care for settings. But for now, I do.

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