Photos from Egypt, Bahrain and Libya by John Moore

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Blog
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Photographer John Moore is no stranger to combat. As a member of an Associated Press team in 2005, he shared a Pulitzer Prize for breaking news photography for coverage of the war in Iraq and he’s done extended stints in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, South Africa, Mexico and Nicaragua and elsewhere in the last 20 years.

Text quoted from Vimeo.

  1. …AUSTIN TexasRadio-Television-Film RTF alumnus John Moore was part of an Associated Press team of 11 photographers who won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize in photography in the breaking news category for coverage of the conflict in Iraq..Moores award brings to 20 the number of former College of Communication students who have won Pulitzer Prizes..A 1990 graduate of the Department of RTF Moore has worked as a photographer for the Associated Press since 1991. He has worked as a photo editor and chief photographer in areas including India South Africa Mexico and the Middle East..During 2004 he was the Associated Press photo editor for the Middle East and was based in Cairo.

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