Nik HDR Efex Software

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Blog, Software
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So after some time I checked again the status about Nik’s HDR software. Some people including me had the trouble with UI that loaded but I wasn’t able to see a thing. And to process the photo without seeing it is really crazy idea and quite impossible. What can cause this trouble?

Well if I got right what Nik said than they moved to a new graphic engine. Quite familiar technology as Photoshop moved to in CS4 version. When you opened your photos in CS4 and you got just black screen, then it is about graphic card so you needed to go under Preferences and uncheck that advanced graphic thing. But here with Nik it is about the same but different. You still get that black screen, but you cannot turn it off anyhow. And that is a huge problem.

But let’s be honest, there has to be a way how to test it. And I found it. Even for my PC. As you might know I’m using Windows 7 64 bit edition. And the software doesn’t work correctly with my ATI Radeon Mobility x2500 graphic card. But I’m so into Mac and Apple products overall. And under Mac I’m able to run this program! Isn’t it cool? I don’t know why but that is the way it is at will be. So I’m really looking forward to give it a try and then report it back to you in some kind of review. I might also compare it with Photoshop’s HDR Pro and Photomatix.


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