Got a New Baby – Canon 430ex II Speedlight

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Technology
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Today I finally bought an external flash unit. I didn’t have enough time to test it out, unfortunately I didn’t even have my batteries charged up 😦 Yesterday I charged all my batteries to be sure to use the flash asap. But during the day they somehow went dry and I didn’t do anything with them …. It’s a bit mystery for me. But about the flash.

First thing you’ll see when you unpack anything from Nikon or Canon is manual, or in this case many manuals! I automatically took the English and started reading. Nothing extra, just how to really use it and how to set up 2nd curtain synchronization. Then I put the batteries in.

After some time I realized the flash isn’t working at all. First I blamed shop seller, but then I tried to recharge my batteries. It worked and I had some time to test it out. What I like about this flash is size and prize-to-performance ratio. It’s very simple to use and I’m looking forward to test it out in the field 🙂


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