New Canon EOS 60D Quick Review

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Technology
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This Monday I had a chance to take a close look on the new 60D from Canon. What is the same and what is different … and what is crazy? To be honest it is a mixture of 7D, 550D and 50D (possibly).

Body and handling


The 60D sits right between 7D and 550D in size and even performance. The body itself is from “plastic”. Well a better one, but it surely isn’t the tough magnesium. It fits quite good in your hand and I had some feeling they moved the shutter button a bit, but it might and probably was, my mistake.

Canon is specific for their thumb dial. Previous models had this dial and joystick for navigation. In this particular model they made a combination of these two – a dial with “joystick navigation pad” in the middle. For me it was quite a pain. If you are shooting in warm conditions, you don’t have to wear gloves. But in winter the situation is different. With gloves you might not be able to use the dial as you would want to. Instead of turning, you could press the navigation.

Now lets talk a bit about controls and buttons other than joystick. Canon took all the buttons on the left back side of camera and arranged them to the right site. It’s great, because you can press it with your right hand and the left one can always support camera. On the other hand more buttons you have on small space, bigger possibility of pushing something you really don’t want. They also changed the buttons next to top LCD. Previous models had two possibilities to change when you pressed one button like AF/Metering. Now you have only one function.

You might think that I only criticize, but to be honest, I really didn’t like the camera. But there is one point I liked and I thing that this is the only reason why you should buy 60D. It’s the floppy screen.

Is it worth the money?

Canon EOS 60D ISO 6400

For me absolutely not. If you want to shoot just video and some stills, get 550D. If you want to get serious, go for 7D. How I sad earlier, the only selling point for 60D is the floppy screen.

Want to know more about performance and tech spec? Than click on this link.

Where to buy this camera? I recommend Megapixel or FotoŠkoda for Czech people and of course B&H or Adorama.


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