Shooting The Dancing Street Event

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Blog
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Some time ago I got an opportunity to became a photographer for Šumperk City. The event was The Dancing Street, world famous folk festival. It was still getting better and better … and this year it was absolutely stunning! Several Czech groups and 11 foreign groups were performing.


It’s about speed, I didn’t have any chance to switch lenses between each session. I took my 70-200 for shots from top and 28-70 for street photo. That is the gear. But what is even more important than this? Scouting, you have to know where every event will take place and know the location. I was able to get on top of the Town Hall. Because I was the only photographer there, I got shots nobody had and some of them are really stunning. But lets get serious. What is really the most most most important thing (except having charged batteries)? To have FUN!

Show the movement or freeze?

Try both. Why not? It’s digital, it’s free. Go for it. Set you shutter speed high to freeze the motion, or set low shutter speed (about 1/40s) and use 2nd curtain flash synchronization. That will give you great results. But be aware. When I was going for slow shutter speed I had to shoot at about f/16 and ISO 100. So the background isn’t out of focus at all.

And finally, here are the best shots from whole event! Hope you’ll like them and leave some comment 😉



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