Trip to Jeseniky Mountains

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Hikes
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Last weekend I visited these great mountains to make some great shots. I took off at 11 am and returned back home about 9 pm. Have to say it was stunning, but unfortunately I’ve missed the golden hour 😦 (the bests shots are included in the gallery at the end of post).

Karlova Studanka

This was the first official stop. On the way there were few stops because it started to rain and that isn’t good when you’re riding a bike. But after some time I was able to see this beautiful spa. It was crowded more than I’ve expected. Trees, stream, people, buildings … everything together and separately was great. I was mostly using my 70-200mm f/4 and kept it wide opened. The ISO was moving from 100-1600. Huge differences between locations situated just few feet away from each other.

After a moment I’ve realized I cannot shoot whole scenery. Mostly because people and cars. So I was searching for details and found one of the best shots from the trip! Sometimes I needed to shoot wider scenery, so I had to wait or ask people to move a bit. Great thing about them was they were very nice and helpful.


That was the next stop. There are two lakes, one small and one bigger. You have to walk through the forest there and because it was getting late I had to change my lenses. I made some shots with 28-70 but it didn’t work as well as I wanted and at the lake I changed to 18-55 for wide shots.

The sun was low, but there was still a big light difference between trees and sky so I shot HDR. For that purpose took my tripod and composed the shot. What was the biggest problem? You won’t guess … DUCKS! They were swimming around and I couldn’t get the still water. So I had to recompose but then I finally made the shot I like.

Enough talking, here are the shots.


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