My new precious

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Technology
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About a week ago I bought a new precious – Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 USM L lens. I can tell you that thisbaby rocks! I cannot imagine how I could live so long without it!

This lens is a telephoto zoom with fixed aperture. This means I can shoot at f/4 whole the time. It isn’t as sharp on f/4 as f/5.6, but it will do the job perfectly. Next thing I need to buy is the tripod mount. It’s a heavy lens and putting the body on the tripod could break the lens mount.

Here is a small image of the lens. Now a bit about it. It is well balanced, made from metal (which is great), rings are nicely done, zooming is smooth and also using the focus ring.

I’ll use here a tip from Rick Sammon – that you have an autofocus camera, it doesn’t mean it knows where to focus. With this lens focusing is of course fast, but the camera doesn’t have to focus absolutely precisely. So after focusing you can turn the focus ring and fix the focus on your own without going to manual mode.

This one isn’t stabilized, so I have to use the role of thumb. What is my focal distance, that is the slowest shutter speed. For example, if I shoot at 200mm, my shooting speed has to be at least 1/200s. If not, I could get a blurry image.

Filter size for this lens is 67mm, so it is quite more expensive than those usual filters I buy. Another thing is the quality of the lens. It is a L (Luxury) class, the best quality Canon makes. If you buy a lower quality filter, it can reduce the overall image quality. This leaves people needing a UV filter, or any other type, with brands B&W, Hoya and other good, and expensive, brands.

Here are some sample images, mostly taken at home. I’ve included shots using f/4, so the biggest hole available. I really love the blurred background. There is also one detail that shows the sharpness. If I had a tripod mount, then I would have the highest possible sharpness.

So here are the shots, I put them into gallery. These are really just test shots, so they aren’t anything special.


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