Shooting in Woods

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Hikes
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Hi Gang, some time ago I was on a hike in forest near Crhov with gear and tripod. I had everything ready for water shots.

What I was carrying in the bag?

I couldn’t leave my precious at home, so the body was Canon 450D. I had both my lenses with me, but I used just the Canon 28-70mm. ND a CPOL filters were prepaired in my pocket – just screw and shoot!


I was walking on forest road and the whole forest was devastated by thunderstorms and others natures’ dissasters. I managed to get, for me, quite nice shot in B&W. Some people like it, some doesn’t. That is up to you.

After some time I finally arrived at the stream. The first thing I done was scouting, looking for the best spot. About three or four spots were great so I gave it a try. Unpacked the tripod, put on the camera, put ND filter and was almost ready to shoot.

I had some trouble with light, I was shooting mostly on f/16 and 20″ and another shutter speed was at 15″, so there is 5″ gap! I was really thinking about shooting in BULB mode, but then I got the shot I wanted, or the exposure. But it wasn’t easy.

Here are 2 more shots of stream and one shot of me while “working”. 🙂 Have a good time and lookin’ forward to your comments.


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