Posted: July 3, 2010 in Blog

Today I got my new battery-grip for my XSi (450D) and I’m absolutely stunned! But lets start from begining.

What is battery-grip?

It’s an accessory for your DSLR, that can hold 2 batteries (or one professional battery in some cases) and with it it extends your shooting time. This is the deal for most people but not for me. I bought it because it gives me a huge advantage when shooting vertical, in portrait orientation.

There are extra shutter button, AE/AF lock, focus point and exposure compensation buttons. Almost everything you need. I just miss there the ISO button. This is the reason why pros buy this little thing.

Original or third-party?

This is very common question. If you can allow the original, than go for it. If you cannot, the third-party will do the work. There might be some issues about compactibility between grip and camera, which are solved by original manufactures.

The biggest problem is price. For original grip by Canon I’d have to pay about 3500 Kč, but for the third-party I paid just half including shipping!

What I bought?

The grip is made by company called Phottix and the model is BD-450D/500D. You can check it out here.

I’m really looking forward to try it in field and to see the performance!


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